Un-Condition Me


Un-Condition Me

Today I woke up and grumbled at only 7 hours sleep.
Today I was upset because the laundry hadn’t been switched over.
Today driving to work I was disgusted at peoples driving skills.
Today I was bothered by the scantily dressed pictures on Facebook.

Yesterday I chose to go to bed after midnight instead of ten.
Yesterday I chose to put the laundry in to wash and forgot to tell my wife.
Yesterday I cut people off, texted while driving and sped past others doing the limit.
Yesterday I chose to save or gawk at those scantily pictures.

Why do some many people I know try so hard to impress?
Why do men view women for their bodies over their spirits?
Why does work and money take priority over my wife & child?
Why does the church sit back and worry about its appearance than the number of people going to hell?

This sin has conditioned our hearts and our minds to selfishness.
This sin has blinded our depths of glory we were meant to have.
This sin has perverted the beauty of creation to the lust of imperfection.
This sin has tainted Christians to lose their “balls” of boldness.

We are conditioned.
We are trained.
We are slaves to the easy.
We are prisoners to the flesh.

We are nurtured by limitations.
We are bound by our comforts.
We are fearful of extraordinary efforts.
We are doubters of the power of our holy spirit.

My Abba, my Savior, my Lord….in shear desperation I pray:

Un-Condition me.
Un-Condition my expectations.
Un-Condition my selfish limitations.
Un-Condition my laziness in faith.
Un-Condition my stinginess of grace.
Un-Condition my vengeance to mercy.
Un-Condition my judgements through my timber.
Un-Condition my boundaries that are too limber.

Un-Condition my excuses to loneliness’s lusts.
Un-Condition my desire for masterbation’s must.
Un-Condition my embarrassment to apologize.
Un-Condition my stubbornness to compromise.
Un-Condition my display of “teasing” in anger.
Un-Condition my pouting to your time’s danger.

Un-Condition your people Lord to see beyond the lies.
Un-Condition the church Lord to tear down tradition’s walls.
Un-Condition our words Lord so that we may shock change.
Un-Condition our hearts Lord to BE a life bought with a price.

Un-Condition my heart Lord, so you have the freedom to move.
Un-Condition my mind Lord, I want to think pure intentions.
Un-Condition my eyes Lord so that I may see the heart over the imagination’s affair.
Un-Condition my mouth Lord, so I may speak in love even when my tongue burns.

Un-Condition me….for I want to be conditioned by YOU.
Un-Condition me….for I want to stop being a slave to sin.
Un-Condition me….for I’m tired of failing with the conditions away from you.
Un-Condition me….so that I can be….JUST LIKE YOU.