My Seven Dwarfs


It’s not everyday (thank the Lord), that these thoughts come to my mind; however this revelation of my emotional ups and downs lately is easiest to process as if I were a dwarf. 🙂

Let’s look at the big picture this way….each day we experience a type of mood for one reason or another stimulated by our environments.  How we allow that mood to affect us depends on the control we allow it to have.  Ultimately, I believe,  the control it has depends on your spiritual health.  Each of the seven dwarfs can help illustrate this point for the glory of our Father in heaven!


First there is Sneezy.  Sneezy represents the constant irritation of the unforseen physical ailments.  The typical allergies, colds, stubbed toes (or pulled thumb muscles., sunburns, scraps, bumps and overall head thumps.   Sneezy is functional,  but miserable.  Daily in the grind of my job, this is how I feel.  I’m functional, but tired and usually physically feeling….blah.   It makes me sad and overall like crap to know that I feel this way, but much like Sneezy….I just chant to myself,  “Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off to work I go….”


Then there’s Sleepy….right in line with Sneezy,  this poor guy is ALWAYS tired.  The end result of my dysfunctional days typically is that I’m always Sleepy.  Being sleepy makes you slow,  unfocused and unable to pace your day with the race of normalcy.  My problem is that I’m fat and out of shape being sleepy all the time is the ill affects of that condition.   I don’t seem to rest solid anymore….tossing and turning and sweating uncomfortably.  Sleepy represents the overall state of my physical being and sometimes my spiritual alertness to God.


Then we have Dopey.  The lovable,  care free,  simple-minded, clumsy, impulsive, and accident proned Dopey.   Not that all these characteristics are negative,  they are just wreckless in consistently being all “in” something or not.  Dopey avoids common sense responses.  In my example,  I am Dopey the most when I desire a specific reaction or treatment.  If the boundaries of the moment aren’t agreeing with my cluttered mindset, than I am most likely to forget common sense in avoidance.

Responding this way brings two typical reactions with it:  one is the interchanger feels pity for me and I gain a measure of what I desired.   The others will find my “ignorance” annoying and will tend to shy away from me.  Either way being Dopey has its advantages, but ultimately doesn’t fit well with who I believe I am.  I think more people distance themselves from me when I do this.


Bashful is the victim.   The role played by someone who seems too afraid to speak out or someone who plays the “poor guy, who can’t help it.”  Yes there are some true, Bashful people….who are innocent,  but there are too many people who play the why me or poor me role.

What upsets me the most about this dwarf and how he relates to me is that he’s a manipulator.  He uses pity to get more of what he wants.  And how does he relate to me? I am accused of playing Bashful more than I truly am trying to be him.  Meaning that my kindness and act of agape love stemmed from a deep servant’s heart,  has been misinterpreted so many times as sexual harassment.  Wanting to uplift someone by a compliment or an act of kindness now-a-days meaning my penis is on the hunt apparently…. (sorry family). 😦

I am NOT Bashful….ask my wife,  she’ll tell you!  I’m quiet and more nervous around people that intimidate me initially, but that hardly lasts.   Usually beautiful women are the worst.   Outwardly beautiful that is….I clam up like a little kid in front of his kindergarten crush….because I’m just not worthy! 😉  In all actuality my insecurity of worthiness makes me be overly nice at times,  then Bashful dwarf (in this case) gets stomped and labeled by the equally insecure and overly sensitive, predator-abused female.  Sorry Bashful….in my eyes you have a bad rep!


This leads me to good ol’ Doc.  The smarty, the know-it-all, the leader, Mr. Fix it…..not that I’m claiming all these characteristics!   Doc dwarf is the me that allows my highly expensive education to come out instead of my Dopey or Bashful side.  Using my brains before my impulsive wrecklessness is my Doc.  However, Doc can allow his surface knowledge of things cloud the deeper thinking that is needed to function on all cylinders!

What do I mean by this?  Mainly Doc will talk more out of his butt than know the deeper specifics or truth.  Sugar coating to make things seem better or promote himself.   I don’t do this NE AR as bad as I once did….but struggle at times to fall back into the habit out of rejective fear.  Doc is a good guy.  Has a good heart and wants to help people.  That is my greatest earthly passion…and do it all for Jesus….and sometimes me.

Doc probably has a better defined boundary in that he knows when to know his limit of help.  Me on the other hand…loves to be the superman for others in need and frankly would go above and beyond my boundaries to help them.  As much as I hate to admit this,  especially to all who read this, but I want to be superman more often to pretty girls before I do boys.  I know,  I have a Bashful alternative motive, but Doc is the hero and the one others can count on and LOVE……what I want to feel the most….consistently.


This whole conglomerate of dwarfs leads to the simple and most genuine of dwarf characters that I try to be the most….Happy.  Happy smiles continually and embraces the positive of every moment.  Happy lights up a room and can show live the easiest.  Happy is simply….infectious.  Happy reflects the most genuine characteristic of love in that he’s happy.   He’s appreciative of what he has in all circumstances.  He is the one everyone wants to be around and know the secret of WHY he’s Happy.

It’s not hard for me to Happy.   I love the Lord Jesus which is who I’d consider the “secret ” of my happiness.  I have a beautiful wife and daughter, a good job and good friends. Yet as I write this,  I hear this small whisper in my head that asks, “But how often do you force being it?”.  Me?  Forcing myself to be Happy??  How obvious (at times) is that??  Sure, life has its design of troubles due to our sinful condition; but overall I AM HAPPY.

My job demanding 90% or more of my life doesn’t make me happy.  Not being in a FT, defined by description, ministry position where I’m not 110% or more focused on Jesus and my discipleship to Him….doesn’t make me happy.  Having a broken relationship with my mom doesn’t make me happy.   Watching,  listening and having most of my interactions with my wife and daughter be frustration,  irritation, and depressing….DOESN’T MAKE ME HAPPY.  But…..

Who is in control of my happiness?   Me.  And as I type this and reflect I can’t help but have the ringing of the words,  “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.” (See John 3:31)  Not everyday is gonna be a “perfect” day, not even a complete God day; but the dwarfs we hold on to isn’t who we are.  It is a condition that has labeled us and in this example ME of how the world would view who I am daily.   But I am a child of the risen King!  I am not perfect, nor do I want to be until I reach my heavenly home.  But I want to leave the dwarfs in the forest and be His consistent servant and disciple.

So as you end this read, please pray for me and for you, if you struggle with the dwarfs in your life.  Let’s begin to be more about the King and not our conditions! 🙂