Ministry Isn’t In the Number


I used to think all the time that the greater the number, the greater the importance. However lately the humility of God has shown me otherwise.  Whether it’s a person’s pocketbook, the attendance at a sporting event or even the attendance at a church; the larger the number was the more accepted someone seems to be.

I remember very vividly in my first youth ministry back in 2000, I prep this awesome, singled out, very well publicized,  evening service where I just knew that I could change the face of the souls in that church! All the plans were in place, all the volunteers news their roles, all we had to do is wait for the people. When the time came all that was there besides us that we’re working….was one person.


It was difficult to erase the disappointment from my face. My wife at the time tried to encourage me, but I would have none of it. I was mad. Mad at not the church members, not the volunteers, not even my wife, but at God.  Why would God place such a conviction on my heart for this special of a service, and only one person show?  This affected me for the next two weeks, I just couldn’t seem to let it go.

Here’s the saddest part of all though; that ONE person who showed…. Re dedicated his life to Jesus Christ. And I was too busy worrying about the fact that only he showed up to not see the life change that he made.  I sometimes wonder still today, how his faith walk is doing.  Why do we get so caught up in how many people are there to witness an event or a moment in our lives that we feel define us as individuals?


How many of the single digit people have we swept under the “who gives a crap” rug because they didn’t meet your goals?  As a pastor and a child of God,  I hear by claim that numbers don’t matter to me anymore!!

The quality of relationships are best served under intimate conditions where the soul is served; not just the sugar coating.

This was the scene in Columbus Library last night (6/16/14):


Anticipated at least 20….had only 6, two of which were under 7.  Yet each person there and my family shared Jesus like in haven’t been able to in awhile.  The eldest couple,  was a surprising pleasure to say the least.   They and I talked our hearts.   We shared what a few of my poems stemmed in them as to how I wrote them.  It was truly AGAIN….God at work.

It wasn’t able the numbers to Him, it never has been; yet the quality of love shared amongst His children is the intimacy He desires from us towards Him daily. Not how many sales,  not how many converts…BUT how well you lived those He brought to you for Him.

Will be praying for you all as we continue this journey together.

Numbers on the boxes for McDonald’s pies are meant to be a guide for when a pie needs to be disguarded.  I got this pie the morning of 6/17…. 🙂 Remember that and I love you all! 😉



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