A Covenant’s Beauty

What does the meaning of “one flesh” really mean anyway?  Some overzealous analytical thinkers might say it’s like the metamorphosis of skin particles meshing into one ginormous body of flesh that cannot be determined when one individual begins and when the other one ends. 🙂

The beauty of a marital bond is reflected in many ways from joy and sorrow to frustration and forgiveness; yet when the tree of the covenant is planted in the nourishing soil of Jesus Christ, the roots flurish!  Sure, all stories have a wonderful beginning where the courtship of the two begin to plant the seeds within the individual pots of hope.  Once then the growth is mature within each, the result is seen at best, within the smile of each person.



Goofy or not, the smiles are infectious outside the individual moments within a day.  Happiness is a designed emotion reciprocated through a grounded relationship with Jesus.  We tend to forget that during the longer courtship where His influence in marriages takes a back burner role.

Marriage IS more than a piece of paper signed in the presence of two equally sinful human beings.   It is a COVENANT to God signifying your respect to the love designed in His image for He and His people. His children who He wants to experience the best.   If you don’t believe it still exists, try looking into a anixous groom’s eyes before the procession.


Or the confident bride’s eyes as she is about to present herself to her forever partner designed and given to her by her Lord….


But the best of all….In this pastor’s opinion, is the look of each when the moment to change their forever….happens.



Love designed by God….for a man and a woman to share, to compliment one another in their opposites, and to continue the legacy of human life grown in God’s image to bring worship and holiness to His created expression of love for us.  If you experience in this lifetime full of negativity and sin, and hold in tight to it; you’ll forever be richly blessed.


For Jason & Jennifer Wittig….and the praise and honor of Jesus Christ!


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