Eye Candy’s Aftertaste


I love candy.   I love the sweetness that tickles my tongue from it.  Whether chocolate or hard, gooie or tart; I love the treat of candy.  I don’t enjoy it everyday, but most days I freely indulge whenever possible.  Even though this description is about an edible delight, the shere thought of its description tantalizes temptation’s taste buds.

Its one thing to be tempted and even love the candy that is made for us to eat. It’s another thing to be craving, or desiring candy that stems from the eyes. In my opinion, “eye candy” is considered ANYTHING that we look at with our eyes that causes our bodies to feel or respond in an inappropriate, non-Godly way.  It’s considered CANDY because we are attracted, enticed, and even driven towards it!  Our natural sin-soaked flesh can’t help it….we want it and craved to devour it in whatever way possible.


We become in a trance….caught in a gawk-a-thon with other men (and women) fighting our natural urges to not blink so that we can soak up every detail possible to memorize and lust over.   Eye Candy is designed by God as a tasteful creation of beauty and purpose and sin has distorted it’s worth.  People would rather lust after someone’s extenuating body parts than to take the time to long for the heart.  And as hard as it is for me to say verbally, let alone type it….my name is Chad E. Taylor, pastor, exterminator, husband and father….and I am addicted to eye candy.


Now before the jury of perfect Christians and non-Christians alike attempt to hang me for this; let me dive deeper into this admittance.  I am 38 years old currently and love my wife, my daughter, and my Lord; however I also like the feeling beautiful women give to my human senses when my eyes lock on them.  You see, originally I actually appreciated the beauty God created in a healthy way; though it didn’t last long as the more I gazed, the more I wanted what wasn’t mine.  Appreciating God’s handy work isn’t a sin….until you covet what you don’t have.

The “what ifs” start to creep into your thoughts.   The “I betcha I would have fun with that!” kind of thoughts.   It only gets more “R” rated from there!  The simplicity of God’s originality of creation of the (in my case, but maybe different to yours) woman has been so diversely and provocatively perverted that our raging sin hypes our hormones beyond our mind’s control.  In my opinion, our then direction to harvest good “fruits of the spirit” becomes a hoarding of manipulation of them all and an ignoring of the last….SELF-CONTROL.

Galatians 5:22-23 NIV

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

I have never been one who has controlled impulsivity easy….ask anyone who knows me!  However, stopping your eyes natural reaction to stimuli around you isn’t an impulsivity to stifle easy.  What I’m bothered with in this addiction is how easily it is to drool cognitively over said eye candy.  No matter where I look there’s eye candy!  People walking, billboards talking, music describing, and TV blinding!  Modesty had been fired from the proverbial role of leading lady to more a cleavage poppin, mouth droppin, Jane Cleaver’s bastard child.  Harsh you might think, but the severity of the matter in the identity of a women’s sexuality and identity is coming undone like their clothes.


I struggle with eye candy specifically due to my own demons, my own invalidations, and my unstable hormones of the mind.  🙂  I would love to feel secure in myself and my marriage to just be like….whatever; but that has been the toughest challenge.  It could be their hair, their legs from short shorts, their eyes glistening from the perfect makeup; or just enough cleavage for the mind to want to see below the lines of appropriateness!

You can call it excuses,  you can call it a sickness, or you can call it what it really is…..SIN.  Bottom line is we ALL struggle with it in some way or another.   A man can lust after the eye candy and be in sin of the mind as easily as a woman can be in bitter judgment of the eye candy and be in sin of heaving the first stone!  Eye candy has been in the public eye and labeled as such since as early as 1871; the Pearl Tobacco brand, which featured a naked maiden on the package cover!


So if being surrounded by eye candy is so unavoidable, why fight it?  Why make a big deal out of the “norm” of the world?   Well, for starters….I love my LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!  If He intended for me to stay of this world after accepting Him, he would have said it; but He didn’t!

John 15:19 NIV

If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

That is why the world hates you….and desires to lessen your value of the human spirit and lust after the contents of the body to die also with this world….This depresses me and makes the overall aftertaste of the eye candy rotten.  As a Christian,  we want to serve the Lord with our whole selves; yet this struggle I claim personally, makes me feel that my love isn’t deep enough.  If I wanted to surrender this addiction to God with my whole soul, I wouldn’t struggle verbally cheering the observation aloud!  Meaning, the eye notices the enticement, the hormonal feelings stir the physical responses and then the mouth validates the observation with exclamatory perseverance!
(i.e. “Man, that blonde is so HOT!”)

Jesus’ own accounted words in Matthew stated this serious issue clearly:

Matthew 5:29 NIV

If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.

Isn’t that enough to drive fear into heart’s of many to repentance of this?  If you respond with honesty,  you may want to lose your eyes!  I want to appreciate,  not lust or desire, the female body (again in my case).  I want my eye candy to ONLY be my wife Amber and sadly she hasn’t been. 😦

The aftertaste of enduring in this kind of candy, makes my soul weak, my heart doubt my worth in Christ, and my intimacy with my wife less in focus.  Is it worth it for this obvious TEMPORARY fulfillment to feed my ego?  Is the perception given of a weak leader for Jesus Christ worth the chill of hormonal bliss?  Hell No!!  I want to indulge, enjoy, and savor my wife as my mate.  The only way I can see this happening soon,  it to pray my eyes are baptized in the Holy Spirit’s guidance by trust and faith!  For she will be better than a fine wine if cared for properly in the EYES OF THE LORD.  Imagine a enticement better than any long legs, hips or lips could ever blind your eyes to the world’s lies…..

Wipe the scales all of you who read, myself included, and see the beauty beyond the dust to return!  The aftertaste is poison to your soul and a crippler to your walk!  It’s just not worth it!!!



A Covenant’s Beauty

What does the meaning of “one flesh” really mean anyway?  Some overzealous analytical thinkers might say it’s like the metamorphosis of skin particles meshing into one ginormous body of flesh that cannot be determined when one individual begins and when the other one ends. 🙂

The beauty of a marital bond is reflected in many ways from joy and sorrow to frustration and forgiveness; yet when the tree of the covenant is planted in the nourishing soil of Jesus Christ, the roots flurish!  Sure, all stories have a wonderful beginning where the courtship of the two begin to plant the seeds within the individual pots of hope.  Once then the growth is mature within each, the result is seen at best, within the smile of each person.



Goofy or not, the smiles are infectious outside the individual moments within a day.  Happiness is a designed emotion reciprocated through a grounded relationship with Jesus.  We tend to forget that during the longer courtship where His influence in marriages takes a back burner role.

Marriage IS more than a piece of paper signed in the presence of two equally sinful human beings.   It is a COVENANT to God signifying your respect to the love designed in His image for He and His people. His children who He wants to experience the best.   If you don’t believe it still exists, try looking into a anixous groom’s eyes before the procession.


Or the confident bride’s eyes as she is about to present herself to her forever partner designed and given to her by her Lord….


But the best of all….In this pastor’s opinion, is the look of each when the moment to change their forever….happens.



Love designed by God….for a man and a woman to share, to compliment one another in their opposites, and to continue the legacy of human life grown in God’s image to bring worship and holiness to His created expression of love for us.  If you experience in this lifetime full of negativity and sin, and hold in tight to it; you’ll forever be richly blessed.


For Jason & Jennifer Wittig….and the praise and honor of Jesus Christ!