A Box of Empty Memories


Twelve years since the moment of shame, a day that has made me never the same.
Our journey that was intwined with a Godly design had ended with a judgment that destroyed my sublime.
Our blankness of face reflected our mutual distaste for this moment we wished to rewrite.
The unusual stride that was side-by-side signified that it was that time; a time where we had to stop and say goodbye.
I remember the last moment where you turned the corner; it was like a shock to my numbness where pain was back in order.
I couldn’t believe that we broke our vow; it felt as if we had just smacked our Lord & fouled.
I can’t describe in words the irregular-ness of my heart from then till now; the wound has finally scarred over, the pain has taken a bow.
What was designed by God seemed to be just a fable; doubting my design for another was too stable.
A year of larger brokenness brought me to a place of loneliness; until the phone rang and your voice sang with a glimmer of tempted-ness.
A rekindling of such was just my luck; a moment to dine and a picture to shine, my hope began to pro-sublime.
A rejection confession, a friendship wilting; my desperation began to quiver within my heart’s scab that hung a sliver.
Goodbye again? This time there wouldn’t be a “see you again”; for she handed me all the memories of when.
No rings to shimmer, no trinkets to reminisce; no letters of love expressed, no more pictures for the eyes to digest.
Wiped cleaner than a dry eraser could wipe; my life with you vanished completely, and not a word I could gripe.
“I don’t want to remember you, the memories are too painful;” yet I was left to sort it all out, no hope that was faithful.
This Box of Empty Memories sat deep within my chest; never had rejection been so damning, no love to seize or rest.
A Box of Empty Memories that were never empty to me; starred piled high in a self made casket nourishing my esteem’s failure seed.
A Box of Empty Memories four years in the making; poorly given over to God ultimately left it prime for Satan’s taking.
A Box of Empty Memories has sense past on to the burial of a landfill physically; yet has become a redemption story for my life spiritually.
A Box of Empty Memories was her choice to make and her stone to place; forever though in my heart’s past for a story of God’s healing grace!
The best I’ll pray for you to my dying day; for my commitment to God through you will continue to heal leading others to His way! 😊


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