Faith Gone Viral

Faith-Going-ViralIn the early 1990’s the movie Robin Hood came out starring Kevin Costner portraying the classic story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian.  The action was good, the story line kept you excited, but the LOVE….kept us drawn in.  Maid Marian shouts from the castle tower while being held captive by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham “ROBIN!!”; to which Costner proceeding to catapult himself over the castle walls to eventually save the love of his life! During the credits at the end, the theme song played just sinking in the movie’s climactic moment of love conquering all; Everything I do by Bryan Adams played and you could just feel your heart just pitter-patter to the love shown throughout the movie.  “Everything I do, I do it for you….I’d fight for you, I’d lie for you, Walk a wire for you, I’d DIE for you….”  This chorus alone left many teenage boys promising their lives for their girlfriends….only that was NEVER the case! 🙂  Have you ever in your life felt like dying for someone you love?

Recently I have been unexpectedly hit with stories of people who are fighting for their lives both physically and spiritually.  This has left me perplexed about the depth of my commitment to not only my marriage, but my relationship with my Savior.  Then….God began to show me a side of life up close (figuratively) that has literally shook my faith to its core.  In doing so I have began asking if my faith’s foundation is solid or hallow?  Let me explain, as in many of my previous blogs, I have done a lot of challenging of others based on what God has been laying upon my heart.  Now, this one is not only for you, but for me as well….and most importantly, Brent & Jen.

the-perfect-relationshipFor them, the epitome of their faith didn’t start with their marriage; it began with their first challenge and so forth.  Now, they are faced with the greatest faith challenge ever.  A little over 7 weeks ago, Jen was involved in a bad boating accident where she was thrown from the boat after hitting an object in the water.  Multiple issues landed her in intensive care where she has been fighting for her life since.  In the mean time, Brent has been being the supportive, responsible, loving & sacrificial husband trying to understand the purpose God has for this moment in their lives.  Lots of prayers from family, friends and once strangers alike have been pouring out.

Brent and I never knew one another until fate had us meet by my job at Terminix.  You see, Brent and Jen live in Nevada and I in Indiana; however Brent has a home at a Lake community I service and I went to service that home when I spoke to Brent the first time.  Our original business conversation turned into a ministry discussion where he and I bonded like brothers under one God.  From that point on, my heart has been in tune to not only He and Jen’s story; but it cracked open a spot in my heart to look at the depth of my own faith.

Last week Brent was in Indiana to do business and then Florida because Jen was doing really good.  She was up walking, eating solid foods and was within days according to doctors to be going home; thus he was told it was safe to leave town to do business.  That is when the unthinkable happened.  Last Tuesday evening just after arriving in Florida, Brent received a phone call that Jen had went into cardiac arrest.  A procedure at the hospital went unexpectedly wrong due to an undiagnosed issue and it sent her into cardiac arrest.  She was without a pulse for 12 minutes.  She now sits in a coma needing a life-saving emergency surgery and her body seems unable to have the procedure without possibly ending her life.  Thus begins the challenge of faith.

Broken humanly, yet his spirit is astonishing from the outside.  He says it best:

As we are now in week 7 of this surreal journey, you can imagine how weary my spirits have become both physically and emotionally.  So I (we) must lean on and trust in God more than ever before that His strength, wisdom, power and direction be fully revealed and granted to us.  Clearly, there is nothing about this situation that makes sense from our human perspective.  Only when examined from God’s perspective do we have a chance to gain a small glimpse at a greater story and purpose.  Lord God help us to know what we are to do, say, act and think during this time.

Even in the mist of tragedy and strife, he leans on God with his faith that no matter if she lives and all glory is personified to God for it; or she goes to meet her Savior in the heavens–he TRUSTS whatever God has in store.  I cannot remember the last time I have allowed my faith to be displayed that dominantly and faithfully!  Brent’s story of love and faith has went VIRAL.

Viral Faith

1    Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
 3   By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible.
–Hebrews 11:1,3 (NASB)

Brent is showing the ASSURANCE of what he’s hoping for; either Jen to be miraculously healed or to meet her Heavenly Father in heaven.  His attitude, his words, his actions mimic the reality of faith in Jesus Christ!  The other half though that makes the faith complete and I feel many of us LACK is the CONVICTION of things not seen.  When we cannot see what we desire or want somewhat immediately after we pray….”in faith”….causes an almost immediate doubt in our faith.  Our human frailty cannot stand not knowing, thus the temptation is always there to just go with the flow.  Brent has helped open my eyes in the mist of such tragedy to pray for TRUST more and the convictions to follow!

What we need is to be SET FREE of our bondage of doubt and not have to have tragedy cause our faith to increase where it needs to be all along!

By Faith Not Sight

Sometimes I’m sad, I know not why
My heart is sore distressed;
It seems the burdens of this world
Have settled on my heart.

And yet I know … I know that God
Who doeth all things right
Will lead me thus to understand
To walk by FAITH … not SIGHT.

And though I may not see the way
He’s planned for me to go,
The way seems dark to me just
But oh, I’m sure He knows!

Today He guides my feeble step
Tomorrow’s in His right …
He has asked me to never fear …
But walk by FAITH … not SIGHT.

Some day the mists will roll away,
The sun will shine again.
I’ll see the beauty in the flowers,
I’ll hear the bird’s refrain,

And then I’ll know my Father’s hand
Has led the way to light
Because I placed my hand in His
And walked by FAITH … not SIGHT.
—Ruth A. Morgan

Set Me FreeDear Lord,

I lift my friend and brother in Christ Brent up to you.  His heart is in deep pain.  His eyes are embracing a sight of his soul-mate that isn’t meant for your temple, your body.  Father I embrace your truth that with a faith of a mustard seed we can ask and it shall be done and so by this blog and by the fingers that type this prayer, I ask you for healing.  Healing in his heart for the scars that are being left from this world.  Healing of his emotions to allow them to not represent the effects of this world; but the promise, assurance and conviction of your word through his faith in your Son.  Father, may every angel’s hand be upon his beautiful bride Jen and as she lays in a comatose state that not only will you heal her physical body, but also her heart for whatever may be left undone in her life.  For the areas needing the most attention physically Lord, I pray with an honest heart that your will is to be glorified by her miraculous healing and testament of your power still in this broken world.  Your body does not welcome dysfunction from the world; thus her brokenness is not welcomed.  I claim it out of her body in the name of Jesus Christ!  May all who read this blog Lord follow this lead and pray with all their faith in you for your work to be done in this situation.  In Jesus precious name I pray….AMEN.

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.
–1 John 5:4 (NASB)



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