I Am Merely Wrinkled Duct Tape


I Am Merely Wrinkled Duct Tape

Frustrated with my brokenness I cry out for repair.
Impatient with my length of wondering I search for alternatives.
Impaired by the solutions surrounding me, I reach for the well known “fix all”.
As if the situation warranted hastiness; I pull out the solution that covers all faults.

Only to feel its fight wrestle against my desires.
One finger pulls away from its grasp only to have more intertwined.
The once all together fix is becoming stuck on itself; taking the focus off of the solution ahead.
Our manipulation entangles its goal to rid us off a broken soul.

We accept its presence how we’ve made it be; clinging it into the mess for everyone to see.
Confidence within its make is now mocked at and groaned; too consumed within its self to see what need it holds.

I am merely wrinkled duct tape; a mess that I have created.
I am merely wrinkled duct tape; a half done fix for what Christ can truly take.
I am merely wrinkled duct tape; I am hiding what I do not see that isn’t really worth the time that has escaped me.
I am merely wrinkled duct tape; a fasod of the potential I could be, if I would only let Christ stick to me!

Jesus is perfect; smooth and with intent….yet we make our purposes nothing about what He meant!
We pull and tug and stretch Him too far; by this I mean He’s like a wish upon a star.
We try to force His will and them call it our own; then in turn realize the picture of healing has a wrinkle of its own.
No smoothing nor cutting can make it His way; unless you sacrifice it all in admittance today!

The “quick fix” and “fix all” is not a solution to call; getting healed in whole is the only prevention to the fall!
You may piece the brokenness or seal an imperfection; yet a seal not eternal will display its ugliness.
You do not have to be mere wrinkled duct tape; you can live with security in JESUSand not be FAKE!
Peal back the stick that makes your life sick; utilize the Savior’s life within to bring you back to LIFE again!


Duct tape is great and yet man-made; Jesus though is the GREATEST and with you the price was paid!


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