The VOID of one’s Best


Ever been missing the presence of someone you really need? If so, this is for you…..

The VOID of one’s BEST

I’d like to make a toast; a toast that is tasteless.
A glass that is raised for praise; a glass with no substance.
The mic is on and ready for a speech; but these lips are set to mute for an empty room.

A simple request, an honorable position; a void never been filled.
Comrodery, friendship, trust; attributes listed on your résumé.
Yet not a privilege to fulfill; not a memory to cherish; not a brother to share it with.

The void of one’s best is not like the rest; for it is a peace within your chest.
The void of one’s best is not a test; it is a crest to symbolize your in one’s nest.
The void of one’s best is not just for a day; it is a journey in life from the east to the west.

My heart questions the darkness of this test; valuing a moment that defines a lack-luster vest.
The knowledge that came only deepens my scars; oh how I wish I could just set the bar.
Being a “bestie” is nice and holds a value; but the exchange of its worth couldn’t beat any vantage.

The view of a man held close to another is deeper than the root of the tallest tree.
There is blindness in these eyes; there is emptiness in this heart.
Oh dear Lord, to have the worth of one’s best be as the pulse within finger tips!
The void of this one’s best cannot be laid to rest; the desire to honor another in life, is this heart’s quest.


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