Are You A Sin Addict?


Hello….my name is Chad Taylor and I am a SIN addict. (Respond: “Hello Chad….very good!) πŸ™‚

I realised something very prudent today in Sunday School as we were finishing up our discussions in Romans 6; we were discussing how we are to respond when sin tries to reign in you. Just as Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins, He Himself killed our sins! They are dead to us now for we are ALIVE in God through Jesus!

The realisation seemed more real after writing “Christian” Hedonism yesterday. When we allow sin to reign in our mortal bodies, we are obeying its evil desires! (Romans 6:12) We continue to OFFER our body parts to sin as INSTRUMENTS of wickedness (v. 13)!

Why do we do this? I believe it’s because we like it! We, being born into this sin condition, are naturally drawn to it and each and every day do it because we know we have all fallen short! So when we convince ourselves enough that the behavior were doing is “natural”; we continue to do it and worry about it later! I am comfortable in this sin-soaked body doing what I hate most! The knowledge we have about God doesn’t transfer enough to our everyday lives and thus doesn’t impact enough of our sins to kill them as they should be!

Verse 13 in the latter part, Paul says instead of us being instruments of wickedness, we are to “…OFFER ourselves to God, as those who have been brought from death to life…” We haven’t grasped the depth of that statement and made it a life verse! When you’re DEAD to sin, it has no life within YOU! But why do we still know it to live? Because grace in your life for all that sin continues to do to you, isn’t important enough TO YOUto change it! You are obedient to the easy pleasure sin brings; not the uncomfortable obedience that living in grace will bring for you eternally!


Repentance is more than just a prayer you pray or a moment of “I’m sorry”; it is a life changing, life conditioning event that lasts everyday, every moment, every second! As the picture above’s scripture says, “He will judge the world in righteousness…” Do you really want to live righteously? Do you truly believe that you have been made DEAD TO SIN?

Consider this before you allow yourself to jump away from the sin addict bandwagon…..if you find yourself seeing the same sin come into play over and over again and you’re becoming more and more comfortable with it there….than your a sin addict. Christ isn’t the center of that concern in your life and until you’re obedient to His calling towards those sins; you will never be dead to sin.

So what’s the best program to be on to get away from the addiction? Simple….as the song “How Great is Our God says….“and darkness tries to hide (our sin)…it trembles at HIS VOICE”. We must call out His name above the sin when it tries to hide in our lives and let God tremble the addiction away with the TRUTH of our LIFE away from sin!!



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