Anguished August


What a wonderful start to a new month! There is nothing like that feeling that you have no control of the inevitable and even when it happens, you still feel shocked and overtaken emotionally by it! For more than a month I knew that my work truck was “sick” as the check engine light was on. I reported it every week and it was still on the back burner to mess with due to my being the farthest tech from the branch and we have no spare trucks.

Enter today….where all day it seemed the power was dying. Every exceleration weighed down more by the condition that had overtaken it. Finally, it happened, as again I saw it coming. Going up a steep hill, one that I knew would be a challenge, it slowly, painfully, stopped in the middle of the hill.


Has your days ever mimic this kind of day? How did you respond to the pressure, the embarrassment, the normalcy of this kind of sin’s effect? Isn’t it interesting that even how we act, and deal with these type of occurrences we are reflecting our faith and witness?

Most things that occur in our lives we have little control of. Yet God has His hands in all of it! If we utilize our God given abilities of perception, intuition and perseverance (to name a few); we wouldn’t be so shocked by each occurrence but in anticipation be ready for God to move through them! We all, by our being born into sin’s grasp, are “sick” and yet we place our knowledge/care of it on the “back burner” as well.

I’ve always wondered what it will take, even at times in my own life, for the understanding that the “sickness” we get when things go wrong is the Holy Spirit trying to redirect our hearts? Who likes to be sick anyway!?? Each hour, each moment of life we let pass by and accept the “sickness” of the wrong on our lives, we become more immune to God’s attention seeking. Then what do we have? Well, lets reflect on the truck….

Our power on our own begins to die. The everyday mundane walk begins to feel more and more empty and not only is it our drive for life that is dying; our hope dies as well. The more we push on the gas that makes us move (all replacements for a relationship with GOD), the more bogged down and suffocating it gets. Pretty soon….we lose all power and collapse (breakdown).


Brokenness is where we find ourselves when we don’t fix the “sickness” within our hearts. We can’t ignore it. We can’t cover it up cosmetically. We can use counterfeit parts to replace what was designed to be there (self-help books, unhealthy friendships, heartless attendance in church, not even blank prayers)!! We can blame everyone else all we want or the circumstances we have fallen prey to….BUT the only one who can RELEASE the “sickness” to be fixed (or healed) to the one and only HEART MECHANIC is YOU!!!

As I watched my truck get loaded and drive away, it became very clear to me that so many of my loved ones need and myself to be hauled off for repairs too! The cost has already been paid! It’s a free service anytime of the day! The only thing you have to do is call out to Him, let Him pick up all your broken pieces, and He’ll bring you home to repair. 😉

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for?



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