The Conscious of Delay


The Conscious of Delay:

We’ve all experienced it at least a thousand times in our lives….
From all dimensions, lands and walks of life; this is a common frustrating strife.
Physically it torments our muscles, confusing the very nature of its tensions of play.
Emotionally it creates a void of blankness that is neither happy or sad; ultimately though it leaves our heart’s spirit a wee bit mad!
Mentally it redefines our reactions to the common sense of our walking; yet numbs the very nerve He gave us to speak our intellectual instead of gawking.
Spiritually though? What is its point? To carry itself within the
realm of the omnipotent one is crass; yet our allowance of its control in our obedience is worse than Judas kissing the Devil’s jackass!
We have a natural conscious of delay that affects our walk both night and day.
We see a need, we see a sin; we hear a groan, we hear us give in.
A moment here, a moment there; lost souls leaving this earth….everywhere
He gives us the drive when we move over ego’s seat; He enriches the fuel within our souls to surpass all frieghtening feats!
Our doubts may be the walls that are built within our brains; yet God is the one with the sledgehammer to break through the world’s pains.
So in the moment, the breath, the blink; be conscious of the delay that places our witness on the brink.
React, move, get on your feet….don’t let another blessing pass due to your own unlocked chains of faithless defeat!
Our conscious of delay is not an “uh”, a “duh”, or a “hmmm”….it’s a excuse with no use to allow the Devil to have the amuse of another soul severed.
Are we going to continue on this path of knowingly letting God’s calling of us go to a busy signal?



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