Never in my life have I, or will I understand the so called “style” of the “saggin”, “droopy drawers”, or the “booty-boatin” (that last term I made up) that young and unfortunately older adults are sporting. I was negatively inspired today by a guy around his mid-to-upper 20’s who decides to show us more than what was on the menu at Cracker Barrel while eating with my in-laws.

This reaction by my daughter when pointing it out made me realize I wanted to talk about this issue!


So what’s the deal? Did someone young and lazy get out of bed one day, decided to attempt to put on his pants and got them just up to the lower butt cheeks and fall back to sleep? Then got up and forgot his pants were that way and went on with his day?? It’s unreal how truly unattractive and a sign of pure laziness that is!! No one, IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would want to see that area of a man or boy! Brown streaks to name one; left overs and not to mention the escaped smell for two….and having to watching them fall down, be pulled up, fall down, be pulled up….fall down…etc.


Why not cut holes in the bottom of a sleeping bag and walk in it? Or maybe a paper bag or trash bag? I know growing up that seeing cute baby’s bottoms were seen as adorable and picture worthy even; yet that was the stopping point! When you were a baby!! Not in your teens and twenties!!

The downfall to this is you begin to not look any better than the sad senior citizens that can’t help their droopy drawers and even half the time don’t even realize it’s down!


And what about you parents that actually LET them go out in public like that! I was appalled the other day at the mall when a mom was walking with her daughter as the shorts she was wearing (the daughter) was barely covering her butt cheeks! With each step the cheeks kept popping out and just seeing a glance of it, I felt dirty and like I cheated on my wife! But Dads….DON’T think that trying to be like them or mocking them will help keep them from doing it! You must help them see the idiosyncrasies of their style choice!


Thank The Lord that many towns and communities are banning the sag effect! The bottom line with this whole issue, in my opinion, is that parents have set the tone for laxidaisy self-awareness of who they are. Identities that are confident and secure are a rarity and the beauty of God’s children have been distorted by a world of fakeness.

God has an abundance of love and admiration for His children; yet the hands and feet of Christ….US have been lacking in servanthood for these youth. If showing their backsides is what they feel they need to do for attention and for validation; then people….IT’S OUR FAULT! Our generation of family and leaders have not seen enough of the VALUE to these youth and for that they are left to go with the world’s acceptance which presumably will die.

Could you love in your actions and verbalization and ATTITUDE these lost kids!? Or does the disgusting feeling you get looking at them make your heart grow cold and your love mute? We need to be the example, not the complaining wedge driving them farther away! Let us campaign to get back the only cute acceptable droopy drawers allowed and the importance of self-identity and love in Christ be the dominant desires of their expressions!



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