V.B.S.: Vacation Bible School or “Very Bad STRESS”?


Tonight began the months of preparation into a 5 evening event many of us have experienced called Vacation Bible School or V.B.S. My lovely wife is the director of her children’s ministry and the ring leader of this. For months hard work, dedication and TIME have been apart of the prayerful success of this ministry opportunity for kids.

But being in ministry, this event as popular as it is, keeps taking a negative down swing to me looking from the inside. What I mean is, why is it so stressful and frustrating to do God’s work….especially for the kids!? Time after time I see all the hard work on planning and prepping turn into tears and fears!

Jesus doesn’t want to see His children come to know Him by a group of stresses out, short-fused or even (Heaven forbid) emotion-less volunteers! Of course the decorations and attention getters are awesome….I mean its for the kids!! However at what cost to yourself is it worth trying to take the reins from God to make YOUR V.B.S. successful over HIS!!?

Who cares if you don’t have the best looking room, coolest costumes or best looking/tasting snacks! What part does Jesus want you to take and time He wants you to spend with those kids? Not the details of the looks, but the HEARTS of those curious seekers!!

So as you read, which I hope you do….pray for my wife’s V.B.S. this week and all the other V.B.S.’s this summer. We are His hands and feet and He will do the work….we just need to give Him the reins for it all! 🙂



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