Coo-Coo Symbolism


When is the last time you just sat outside and observed your surroundings and realized that the world is just stinkin weird!!?

This morning I was servicing a popular location in Edinburgh Indiana that sold stone sculptures. The different kinda of “art” that was created just began to really intrigue me; and quite frankly….weird me out!

As seen in my picture collage above, those were the top 5 sculptures that stood out to me. The first was the “Buddha” like sculpture where it is a short, fat oriental man….belly hangin and smiling largely. In our society, the way your body looks physically defines much of who you are to those around you. This symbol is of a man worshipped by many, yet in our culture would be made fun of and probably told to “Put that thing away!!” An accepted symbol for religious beliefs for most foreigners; a mockery of distastefulness by most Americans.

The second, a sculpture of a fig-covered man holding the world over his shoulders. Now two things came to mind on the symbolism of this one: One, that it was the Greek God Atlas; the second was Jesus holding the earth like He did the cross. Both perplexing in their own ways, yet symbolizing a much different feel. I’d rather have personally the REAL, LIVING GOD have control of our earth; however the other would probably be more accurate due to our egos.

The third is a sculpture of a Latino man holding a very large glass with a beverage like tequila or maybe a large margarita. The symbolization here is that the Latino community is well know for being happy drinkers and party goers. Why is this? Could it be that they are happy for being more free in the U.S. or just in general? Do most Latinos agree with this or is our interpretation of their culture sculpted here wrong or made as a mockery?

The fourth is a sculpture of a little boy peeing in a fountain. Now I understand to creativity of the notion; however I don’t agree with the symbolization of what this can be taken as. What do I mean you ask? Well, think about it; it might seem cute originally, but with our natural, analytical minds, someone is bound to find perversion in that. A little boy’s pee pee is shooting out of it “water” and though again it seems harmless, would you view it that way with a sex offender in your neighborhood? It simply gives out more negative vibes than “cute” ones in today’s worldview.

The last sculpture, my favorite; the metal rooster. Looking closely at this one I laughed out loud as the first thought rushed into my head….”Hey, it’s the Kellogg’s rooster on crack!” 🙂 The once innocent symbol of a family oriented company is now scarred in my head forever looking at this “artwork”. How and why would anyone make this!?

With all the symbolization that surrounds us, it still amazes me today thinking back to my first Christmas at a former ministry I had. No Christmas trees or even a cross were allowed in the sanctuary. It promotes symbolism which we don’t believe in I was told. Really? What about our human existence DOESN’T have symbolism?

The cross is just that so it reminds us regularly of His sacrifice. No more is needed than that; yet we accept willingly other symbolism that is ridiculous! I don’t know about you, but I truly think we aren’t just “Coo-Coo for Coco-puffs!”….we are just plain coo-coo! 😉


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