The Eyes have it; The Heart doesn’t!

Now that I’ve served myself open and raw to everyone, I need to get another perception off my heart that thankfully I know I can now.

Ladies, this is specifically for you; however guys….you need to be honest and pay attention!

So I’m not afraid anymore to tell about my struggling perception of women and the temptation it causes me. Yet after admitting this, I feel it’s just for me to mention how frustrating it has been observing the now accepted view of women’s attire and how it’s ok to flaunt it all!

It’s one thing for a man to lust deeply for any woman that walks; it’s another for a woman to be misguided in her confidence to think that the more skin is best! Men will always, naturally by God’s design, be attracted to the woman! Why put yourself out there for men to view you unhealthily?

Beauty comes and stems from within making the outside be a compliment to the inner. Too much of society’s demand for outward beauty as the foundation for acceptance, it hurting the church! The church being described as how man is to love his wife (as Christ does the church). I don’t see any church’s steeples flying thong underwear to bring you in!

Taking pride in yourself is good if it is left subconsciously….flaunting the cover of your skin, shapes, and curves to show off your “pride” is gluttony of the self! Then, to top it all off….most women like this become OFFENDED when men come on to them or even give a simple compliment like “You look nice today.” This was the comment I said in college that got me fired from a job. No sexual innuendos at all, I was just the wrong compliment at the wrong time.

If I can see your cleavage or your lower dimples above your butt cheeks, or even your belly button/hip bones outside your clothes….you’re asking for the WRONG attention! God’s temple (our bodies) are meant to be holy, not your clothes HOLEY!

The eyes more than ever have the opinions of one’s character and personality; not the heart that you show outwardly. I have most control over where my eyes go, but I want my eyes to see the child of beauty GOD made; not society’s lust of the body!

Guys, oh how you have the ability to help shape, mold and especially motivate a woman’s self-image by what or how you say to them! And ladies….not all men are creepers because they want to know the real you by conversation; not the observant you from a distance and a drool cup! Accept healthy compliments if they don’t promote a specific body part or look….and men, think with your brain and heart, not your pants!

I pray that someday when my daughter gets walked down the aisle by me that the man at the end of the road loves her heart, mind and soul….not whatever her body says she is to society!

God bless you who read this and my The Lord purify your eyes to His views; both inside and out.



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