The Goofy in STRESS

It’s hard sometimes during a moment of high intensity stress to find the humor in a moment; but sometimes I’m glad the goofy comes naturally!

Why do we do it to ourselves so much? Getting so worked up over things most of the time we can’t control!? They say smoking takes away bulks of time from your life with every cigarette….I beg to differ that accepted stress in one’s life destroys more than that!

More muscles strain when you’re angry, you look uglier (which is not God’s design) when you’re angry, and your friendship status drops majorly when you act like an uncontrollable jerk!

Anger does a lot to our lives and being goofy in the midst of those moments help to lighten the moments and let the silliness of our entertaining the negative come to focus! When I get goofy, my wife looks at me like I’m an alien from another planet….and I love it!!! 🙂

She may think I’m going overboard on the crazy goofy….but what I’m really attempting to do is release the tension that’s about to explode from earlier.

Did you know that God tries to help relieve your stress insanity too? He does this every waking moment of your breathe in and breathe out existence! From the gentle breezes on a smouldering, humid summer day; to blessing you with the unexpected person behind the Circle K counter paying for your snacks because your debit card isn’t reading!

Jesus, walks this earth with you in the moments Satan dishes his best to help you see the JOY in His relationship with you! Whether goofy responses or just mediocre smiles; His presence is never leaving us….so read this and smile!!! Let the goofy out and tell the stress to flush with the other turds of waste in your life! 😉



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