National mockery

Call me a Christian, call me a church-goer, call me a Christ-follower; but don’t call Jesus with hollow words!

Last night my wife and I watched the latest episode of “The Bachelorette” which I know, is probably NOT the best show to watch for realism of relationships. However the moment when bachelor Ben was let off the show proved the realism of his professed “Christianity”.

Claiming during conflicts with the other guys, Ben would repeat that he was trying to be a “good Christian” and stay away from conflict and arguments. However, he really disturbed my heart and my wife’s by when Bachelorette Desiree’s decision to send him home; Ben decides to make an open mockery of God and his “Christianity”.

Repeating at least 5 curse words having to be blurped out, talking about how much better he was than the other guys and that Desiree would regret it. Stating the show is missing out on the next Bachelor “Good looking single dad from Texas…” Ending the segment with stating he wanted the limo driver to take him someplace to “get drunk” and is looking forward to being able to “be seen out in public again with someone else!”

The sadness that fills my heart is that on national television he claimed Christ as his Center and that church was very important to him. Why use Christ to gain your advantage!? People in this dying world need to have real hope on Jesus; not watching fake believers like Ben to ruin their views of someone who’s “Christian”.

Christ DIED for all of us….that’s not a joke; and that’s not something to mock for your personal gain! My biggest prayer today is that God will use someone nationally like Nick Walkenda again to proclaim his greatness in a positive light!

Forgive us Father, for we know not what we do…. 😥



2 thoughts on “National mockery

  1. Good insight! Not just in the national spotlight, though, but in every day life!

    P.S. It’s “who’s,” not “whose.” 🙂 hehe, just wanted you to know I did read it!

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